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"My husband and I just had our koi pond redone and this automatic water leveling system is a real blessing. Not only do we NOT have to worry when we go away on a trip, that if we lose water for any reason, our fish will now be safe. It also makes it so much easier when changing water weekly. I highly recommend this company."

Bobbie Holland - Gainesville, FL




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Available Kits:

MC-01B - Sensor

MLS-3401 - 15gpm System

MLS-1002 - 30gpm System

MLX-45 - Contractor Kit (no valve)

MLS-34EU - 15gpm - 30gpm European Kit

The Smallest, Most Economical Electronic Autofill Available.
The Level Waters EasyFill
Join The Levelution in Autofills!
From $99.95
The EasyFill offers our patent pending electronic sensing system that continuously monitors the water level in a small, economic package. Fills accurately with no moving parts! Comes with a 3-year warranty and is available from many retailers.
Made in America by American Workers