About Us



Aquility Systems, Inc. (AQS) designs and manufactures innovative pond environment controls for the pond and water garden communities. Founded on the principle that these hobbies provide the pond or water garden owner with tranquility in the midst of a hectic world, Aquility Systems, Inc. strives to make the task of pond or water garden keeping simple.

Since introducing our flagship product, the Level Waters LCS-0901 Automatic Water Leveling System, AQS' efforts have been focused on adding customer driven value by developing products for the needs expressed by our customers. This effort prompted the expansion of our Level Waters line of automatic filling systems to include exterior grade controllers, the economical EasyFill™, our Mystic Fallsilluminated waterfall weirs and our recent addition of our newest, the StealthFULL Hidden Sensor Auto-fill for ornamental fountains. All of these products offer pond and water garden owners practical solutions that help make their hobby more enjoyable.

The Level Waters autofill concept was born in 1996 and in October, 2009 Aquility Systems was formed and set out to fulfill its founder's vision of offering unique products to the pond and watergarden communities with the hope of helping them realize the enjoyment of pond keeping.


In keeping with the idea that ponds and watergardens provide tranquility, our motto is Tranquility Through Aquatics. Our company name was derrived from this simple concept. Aquility is the combination of Aquatics and Tranquility.

Made In America By American Workers

All of our products are made exclusively in our facility in Gainesville, Florida by American workers. We pride ourselves on manufacturing locally. We hire local workers to assemble all of our products and do not outsource any part of our manufacturing processes. While some of our supply-side components are manufactured elsewhere, we strive to keep these to a minimum. Our customers can be assured that they are supporting the American workforce when they purchase our quality products.


Development Collaboration

Developiing new and innovative products is an arduous task that is the heart of AQS' mission. As a means of ensuring that we meet our mission, AQS seeks out interested parties to collaborate with to bring new products to our customers. As such, we welcome inquiries from potential investors interested in working with us to develop products not available elsewhere and gain safety certifications for them. If you are interested in becoming part of our unique business model, use our contact link below and we will contact you to see how we could work together.