"My husband and I just had our koi pond redone and this automatic water leveling system is a real blessing. Not only do we NOT have to worry when we go away on a trip, that if we lose water for any reason, our fish will now be safe. It also makes it so much easier when changing water weekly. I highly recommend this company."

Bobbie Holland - Gainesville, FL


According to Mark Russo of Rocky Mountain Waterscape in Broomfield Colorado, the EasyFill is more dependable than the Hudson Valve or any other float and is why they use them excluively in their installations.



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The EasyFill is the only miniature electronic auto-fill on the market today. It offers solid-state sensing with exceptional reliability. Now in 36 states, the UK and Canada, the EasyFIll is taking aim at cheap float valves that waste your time and money.


Two new mounts are available for added flexibility for your installation.


Slide Mount


Skimmer Mount

Easy installation using two screws. Just pop the EasyFIll sensor in and adjust the height with the thumbscrew. Mounts to most skimmers using the existing flange screws. Allows minor adjustment to the recommended height.



The StealthFULL Hidden Auto-Fill System will provide accurate filling with an almost indiscernable sensor. Available online or from your local dealer.

MSRP $219.95


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